American Carpet
American Carpet



Texture selection is determined by personal taste, furnishing and lifestyle. Options range from smooth velvet plush to rough, bulky Berbers.

Texture is created by the size of the yarns, the twist of the yarns and the surface structure of the finished carpet. Most carpet originally is constructed in a loop pile surface.

Cut Pile

Cut Pile
  • Smooth, cut-pile surface, usually solid colors

  • Versatile in performance and in appearance

  • Works well with traditional or formal room settings

Level Loop Pile

Level Loop
  • Loops are all the same height, usually multi-colored

  • Usually made with Olefin fiber

  • Often called Berber or Indoor-Outdoor

  • Casual appearance, but extremely durable

  • Great for family rooms or basements

Cut & Loop Pile

Cut & Loop
  • Distinctive carved appearance, usually multi-color

  • Cut and Loops give a variety of surface levels

  • Cut uncut patterns help hide foot traffic

  • Can really spice up a room

  • Fits a variety of room settings

Cut Pile Velvet Saxony

  • Velvet Saxony

  • Fine, tip sheared surface

  • Elegant style, very formal

Continuous Filament Nylon
  • Textured Saxony

  • Textured cut pile surface helps hide footprints

  • Great casual appearance, low maintenance

  • Also called: Textured Cut Pile

  • Extremely popular carpet style

  • Ideal for active families; use in any room


  • Textured surface with knobby appearance

  • Extremely durable, and long wearing

  • Great for active rooms